About Happier & Healthier You

Hey, My name is Gary Ditsch. I hope you take the opportunity to try this program and let me know how it goes for you (contact info below). After spending the past 17 years helping people improve their lives, I decided to put some of the lessons I have learned during that time into a very practical and action oriented program.

My personal passion of helping people live healthier lives and improve their fitness began while I was at the University of Nebraska. The very first job I had doing this was as an exercise specialist at the Lincoln, NE, YMCA. The connection to athletics, helping athletes, weekend warriors and generally motivated people has been a focus of mine. I simply love to see people achieve great things.

One of the great benefits of exercise is not only an improvement in health, but most people find they are happier when they regularly exercise. People share how exercise helps them manage their daily stress, level out their changing moods or gives them a "runner's high". I personally get great benefit in stress and mood management via a regular running routine.

All of my experience confirms that living happier and healthier lives is possible. The primary tools that I have used to help people achieve these outcomes are exercise and innovations in technology. I believe that when the right technologies are chosen and implemented correctly, it can lead to living better lives. In fact, I am such an advocate for this belief that I spend most of my days working with this thesis.

That being said, this program is not about exercise or technology. This program is about taking action to change your behavior. No matter what tools or strategies you decide to use, including exercise or technology, if you are unable to sustain changes in your behavior, creating new habits, then you will find it difficult to have outcomes that persist throughout the years.

This program is focused on daily actions that you can take to make the changes you need to be happier and healthier. I have learned many truths about human behavior through my academic and professional career, which I've distilled into this program for you.

As the study of human behavior continues to uncover new ideas, I will continue to evaluate the program and update it as necessary. So please sign up to receive the program updates as they come.

However, I am confident that if you commit yourself to implementing this program over the next thirteen weeks, you will walk away with new habits, behaviors and the foundation for a new lifestyle.

A friend recently asked me, "If not today... when?" I would like to ask you the same question. If you do not commit to being happier and healthier today, when will you make that choice and take action?

One of the benefits that comes from a place of health and happiness is the opportunity to take on bigger challenges and achieve great things. I love to continually challenge myself in different ways, I hope that you will take the step to achieve great things also.

I'd love to hear how the program is going for you. You can connect with me at the following places: