Why I created this program.

I have spent my career helping people reach their health, fitness and performance goals.

Here’s a list of a few of the goals I have helped clients achieve:

  • Lose 90 pounds in 12 months
  • Start a regular exercise program to manage their diabetes
  • Qualify for the Boston Marathon
  • Run multiple marathons in a single month
  • Complete an Ironman Triathlon
  • Gain enough strength to be self sufficient with their daily activities
  • Qualify for the Paris-Brest-paris Randonneurs
  • Start a regular exercise program to manage mood and stress
  • To develop mobility and strength to exercise with less pain and injury
  • Stop smoking

These are a few among many challenges and goals that people have come searching for support. They sometimes come with hope and enthusiasm. There are other times that they come in desperation and with doubt.

One thing remains consistent:

When you look at the list of outcomes these individuals have achieved, it may seem like they are only loosely connected. However, I would argue that all of these outcomes have one major component in common. That commonality is the most critical component in any of the programs. That component is that each of these individuals had to develop new habits, start new behaviors and recreate a lifestyle that enabled them to be successful.

When you want to be a happier and healthier person, it requires some change of your current habits and behaviors.

The challenge:

The difficulty in wanting to develop a new lifestyle is the process of consistently implementing the required behaviors. It is rarely a lack of knowledge that limits someone’s success. This program is not designed to simply educate you on the strategies you need to be happier and healthier. This program is about taking action. This means taking action every single day. It starts with things that are small and simple, then builds upon your success to ultimately result in the outcome that you might think is unrealistic today.

Focus on the right actions:

There are many different actions and strategies that you can take to start making changes in your behavior. This often leaves people overwhelmed and confused. Which strategy is the right strategy. When should each strategy be implemented?

Over the last fifteen years, I have been studying, learning and testing different ways that we can use technology to help individuals through this process. And while I am an enthusiast and evangelist for the potential technology offers us to improve our odds of success, I often see people get consumed choosing the right technology that they forget to focus on making real progress.

This program is designed to remove all the guess work out of your program. It was designed to share strategies in the order that I would introduce them to a client, with the most important strategies first. It is also centered around taking action, opposed to learning and planning. I’ve done all of that work for you. Your challenge is to implement the program. The program is also very lite on the use of technology. While there will be some places that you can utilize different apps and gadgets to support your goals, this program can be completed with nothing more than a $0.50 notebook, used to log your progress and complete the exercises.

It is your program and is offered for free:

I wanted to create this program so someone who has a desire to make a change in their life, had a script to follow that walked them through the process. If implemented, I believe it will lead you to more happiness and greater health. I also wanted to offer the program as an online resource, for free. That way there are no financial barriers to getting started. It simply requires a desire for change and a commitment to follow the program.

Get the updates:

I am developing this program using process similar to the way a software developer creates new software. The program is ready for use today, however it will be updated over time. It will include more stories, examples and activities. If you would like to subscribe to receive those updates.

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